Commodore's Message

We will be kicking off our summer season this month please keep safety in mind. Belle Isle will be filled with homeowners and their guests. Please be more vigilant as you drive around Belle Isle as more people will be on our paths and roadways. Belle Isle public buildings, decks and docks are smoke free zones. We have had three fires started in the last two years due to cigarettes being put in flower pots and flower beds. The first two were extinguished before they did significant damage. The latest incident at the Marina caused substantial damage to the dock and deck near the Marina Grill. If you see someone put a cigarette out or toss one in an inappropriate location take action. With this latest fire, the cigarette was thought to be put out over four hours before the fire actually started. The fire department said it can take up to 12 hours from the time a cigarette is dropped until a fire starts.

We held our Regime and BIYC Board elections last month. We had a number of great candidates put their hat in the ring. It is good we have home owners willing to give of their time in the interest of community service. To those who did not win this year we thank you for your willingness to serve. To those who did win we welcome your fresh ideas and new energy to our Boards. We have a lot of work to do this year. If you look around Belle Isle you see many special project underway. Regime One has just completed repairs to the chimneys in 48 condos, plumbing and carpentry repairs are about to start. Regime Two is in the process of major siding and roofing upgrades, Regime Three always has some project underway. Regime Four just completed spray cleaning of their exterior areas. Many condos have been or are being updated by their new owners. Belle Isle has a wonderful history to be proud of but it is nice to see we are still a living community looking to the future. We announced changes in our property management at the last meeting and significant work has been done over the last few weeks with much more to be done. We will be scheduling a special Homeowners meeting later this month to help bring the community up to date with our progress.               

The Events Committee continues to host a very well attended Fourth Friday get together for our residents and their guests. As always I remind everyone that you are missing out on a special part of Belle Isle life if you do not come out for these events.

The popularity of the Marina Grill continues to grow. The recent fire has not slowed them down and they are open for business. The quality of the food and the high level of service provide a quality dining experience. Do yourself a favor and visit the grill you’ll not be disappointed. 

In closing I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who works so hard to make this a better place. Please share any ideas and comments with your board members as they want to hear from you.

Kent Carraway

Marina News

Fishing season is here, May is the perfect month to pursue your piscatorial dreams. If you are back in the creeks the reds are easy prey to softshell crabs. Flounder are showing up in ever increasing numbers. Trout are looking to add weight feeding on the new supply of bait fish near the creek mouths and points.  Offshore the season is getting off to a good start with nice catches of Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna and Dolphin. Trolling is highly productive but try something new. If you locate a weed a weed line or floating structure holding fish breakout the spinning gear and try a top water popper for a new experience. If small Dolphin are up top, there’s a good chance a big bull or Wahoo will be holding down deep. Try dropping a jig way down deep, you may find a pleasant surprise on the other end of the line. The most important thing is to get out on the water with good friends and enjoy the day.   

Please remember the Marina is experiencing very low water near low tides especially if the wind has been blowing offshore. We have serviced the push boat and will be doing what we can to open the main channel. Keep your boats requirements in mind when planning you trips. It will be hard for us to advise you, as each boats draft is different, as well as each Captains experience navigating shallow water or tolerance for dirty water. Everyone connected with the Marina will be working together to find the best possible solution for Belle Isle.

The Grill continues to be a success. Jamie Finley and her crew are doing an excellent job with the food and service. Please visit the Grill. You will not be disappointed.  

Remember the Marina has fresh clean fuel, both gasoline and diesel available during normal hours of operation.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated. Please feel free to share them with any Marina Committee member.

Kent Carraway

Marina Committee Chairman  

Beach House News & Reminders


We have new Beach House co-chairs (Mike and Nancy Voiselle). They can be reached at:

            404-281-1760 /

            404-406-4334 /

The committee retains all of its former members to carry on Bill Duncan’s strong legacy as the chairman these past years. THANK YOU to Bill and Susan for all of your tireless work supporting this treasured amenity. Both will be a great resource to consult with as needed and Susan is still on the committee. If you are interested in giving a little bit of time and work, we welcome additional volunteer members to the committee.

New request: When you shed your footwear on the beach walkway, please keep them at the “bench nook” midway, take them to the beach with you, or leave them to the side at the base of the steps on the beach. This will remove a barrier for any residents using rolling equipment on the walkway.


Please remember these continuing key points:

Security: You and your guests must have either an active BIYC windshield sticker or Visitor Pass displayed on the dashboard where it can be easily seen. No one should access the beach house from the beach unless they are a member, or properly identified registered guest or renter.

Atlantic Avenue Gate System: As with the last several years, you will be able to pull up to the gate and open it using your BIYC remote gate opener or pass card. The gate will automatically close behind you. The beach house front door does however, require the BIYC security code.

Your Unique BIYC Card and Remote: Almost everyone takes excellent care of our beach house. The use of your unique remote or proximity card helps make each owner responsible for themselves and their guests. The remote and card open the gate; the door must be opened using the 6-digit code provided by the office.

Be Responsible: It is our members’ responsibility to inform their guests and renters of our Beach House rules and procedures. It is most important that they know how to secure the house when they are the last ones to leave. Simple steps are posted in beach-themed frames throughout the house.

Grill and Burner/Stew equipment: The BBQ grill is available on a first-come basis as is the burner/stew pot. However, if you have never used the burner/stew pot before, please call the individuals listed on the sign in the storage room before using these, for some safety tips. Food remaining in the stew pot should be placed in trash bags with bags tied (kitchen or garbage) and should be washed in the parking lot with a little dish detergent and a lot of water.

Good Housekeeping: When you see a full garbage can outside, take it to the street. As you drive through the gate past an empty can, bring it back to the house lower level. Our cleaning service does only light housekeeping, so be responsible and clean up after you and your guests. 

Book Group - June 20 @ 5:30pm YC

Belle Isle Book Group will meet on Monday, June 20, at 5:30 pm. at the Club House.  Our book is “Lemon Swamp and Other Places” by Mamie Garvin Fields and Karen Fields.  The “Wall Street Journal “

Reviewer said“Astonishing …vivid, tart and intelligent…Ms. Fields’ descriptions of life in turn-of-the-century Charleston cover everything from games to schools to  popular songsto church services to courtship…a life wonderfully like and unlike our own.” Kathy Rodriguez will lead the discussion.  (Kathy or Aggie Edwards can help locate copies to borrow.)  All are welcome.  This will be our last meeting until Sept. 19.  Enjoy your summer reading!

Marina Fire

To: Belle Isle Residents 

Most of you are aware we had a fire on the deck and dock next to the Marina Grill early last Friday morning. We owe a big debt of thanks to Mike Vioselle in Regime Four for discovering the fire, his quick action in calling the Georgetown Fire Department and helping to contain the fire with a water hose until their arrival. His actions surly saved the Marina Buildings from being a total loss. Mary Torgersen, Jamie Finley and Chad Shelton, did an outstanding job helping control the situation, assist the fire department and their investigator. The investigator ruled the fire accidental after reviewing marina video surveillance tapes. The fire was not tied to the operation of the grill. Thank you to everyone who help with the situation last Friday and Saturday. 

We have developed a plan for remediation of the damaged area which has been approved by the BIYC Board, Marina Committee, Georgetown county engineer and inspector. We have hired Kenneth Woods to handle the repairs. He has added the needed structural support, repaired the damaged doors to the grill and installed handrails to allow use of all facilities. The county inspectors have approved the reopening of the marina and grill. It should be business as usual this weekend. Ken will continue with the repairs over the next couple weeks. 

Kent Carraway