Beach House News & Reminders


We have new Beach House co-chairs (Mike and Nancy Voiselle). They can be reached at:

            404-281-1760 /

            404-406-4334 /

The committee retains all of its former members to carry on Bill Duncan’s strong legacy as the chairman these past years. THANK YOU to Bill and Susan for all of your tireless work supporting this treasured amenity. Both will be a great resource to consult with as needed and Susan is still on the committee. If you are interested in giving a little bit of time and work, we welcome additional volunteer members to the committee.

New request: When you shed your footwear on the beach walkway, please keep them at the “bench nook” midway, take them to the beach with you, or leave them to the side at the base of the steps on the beach. This will remove a barrier for any residents using rolling equipment on the walkway.

Please remember these continuing key points:

Security: You and your guests must have either an active BIYC windshield sticker or Visitor Pass displayed on the dashboard where it can be easily seen. No one should access the beach house from the beach unless they are a member, or properly identified registered guest or renter.

Atlantic Avenue Gate System: As with the last several years, you will be able to pull up to the gate and open it using your BIYC remote gate opener or pass card. The gate will automatically close behind you. The beach house front door does however, require the BIYC security code.

Your Unique BIYC Card and Remote: Almost everyone takes excellent care of our beach house. The use of your unique remote or proximity card helps make each owner responsible for themselves and their guests. The remote and card open the gate; the door must be opened using the 6-digit code provided by the office.

Be Responsible: It is our members’ responsibility to inform their guests and renters of our Beach House rules and procedures. It is most important that they know how to secure the house when they are the last ones to leave. Simple steps are posted in beach-themed frames throughout the house.

Grill and Burner/Stew equipment: The BBQ grill is available on a first-come basis as is the burner/stew pot. However, if you have never used the burner/stew pot before, please call the individuals listed on the sign in the storage room before using these, for some safety tips. Food remaining in the stew pot should be placed in trash bags with bags tied (kitchen or garbage) and should be washed in the parking lot with a little dish detergent and a lot of water.

Good Housekeeping: When you see a full garbage can outside, take it to the street. As you drive through the gate past an empty can, bring it back to the house lower level. Our cleaning service does only light housekeeping, so be responsible and clean up after you and your guests.