Marina Fire

To: Belle Isle Residents 

Most of you are aware we had a fire on the deck and dock next to the Marina Grill early last Friday morning. We owe a big debt of thanks to Mike Vioselle in Regime Four for discovering the fire, his quick action in calling the Georgetown Fire Department and helping to contain the fire with a water hose until their arrival. His actions surly saved the Marina Buildings from being a total loss. Mary Torgersen, Jamie Finley and Chad Shelton, did an outstanding job helping control the situation, assist the fire department and their investigator. The investigator ruled the fire accidental after reviewing marina video surveillance tapes. The fire was not tied to the operation of the grill. Thank you to everyone who help with the situation last Friday and Saturday. 

We have developed a plan for remediation of the damaged area which has been approved by the BIYC Board, Marina Committee, Georgetown county engineer and inspector. We have hired Kenneth Woods to handle the repairs. He has added the needed structural support, repaired the damaged doors to the grill and installed handrails to allow use of all facilities. The county inspectors have approved the reopening of the marina and grill. It should be business as usual this weekend. Ken will continue with the repairs over the next couple weeks. 

Kent Carraway