Commodore's Message

We will be kicking off our summer season this month please keep safety in mind. Belle Isle will be filled with homeowners and their guests. Please be more vigilant as you drive around Belle Isle as more people will be on our paths and roadways. Belle Isle public buildings, decks and docks are smoke free zones. We have had three fires started in the last two years due to cigarettes being put in flower pots and flower beds. The first two were extinguished before they did significant damage. The latest incident at the Marina caused substantial damage to the dock and deck near the Marina Grill. If you see someone put a cigarette out or toss one in an inappropriate location take action. With this latest fire, the cigarette was thought to be put out over four hours before the fire actually started. The fire department said it can take up to 12 hours from the time a cigarette is dropped until a fire starts.

We held our Regime and BIYC Board elections last month. We had a number of great candidates put their hat in the ring. It is good we have home owners willing to give of their time in the interest of community service. To those who did not win this year we thank you for your willingness to serve. To those who did win we welcome your fresh ideas and new energy to our Boards. We have a lot of work to do this year. If you look around Belle Isle you see many special project underway. Regime One has just completed repairs to the chimneys in 48 condos, plumbing and carpentry repairs are about to start. Regime Two is in the process of major siding and roofing upgrades, Regime Three always has some project underway. Regime Four just completed spray cleaning of their exterior areas. Many condos have been or are being updated by their new owners. Belle Isle has a wonderful history to be proud of but it is nice to see we are still a living community looking to the future. We announced changes in our property management at the last meeting and significant work has been done over the last few weeks with much more to be done. We will be scheduling a special Homeowners meeting later this month to help bring the community up to date with our progress.               

The Events Committee continues to host a very well attended Fourth Friday get together for our residents and their guests. As always I remind everyone that you are missing out on a special part of Belle Isle life if you do not come out for these events.

The popularity of the Marina Grill continues to grow. The recent fire has not slowed them down and they are open for business. The quality of the food and the high level of service provide a quality dining experience. Do yourself a favor and visit the grill you’ll not be disappointed. 

In closing I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who works so hard to make this a better place. Please share any ideas and comments with your board members as they want to hear from you.

Kent Carraway