Belle Isle Yacht Club Annual Meeting Proxy

This proxy does not impact any Board of Stewards voting unless a motion is made from the floor that requires a vote of the full membership.

Submission of this form supports a majority of the unit ownership either present (signed in), or represented by an official proxy form, at the Annual Meeting in May. Having a majority of units represented at the meeting (in person or by proxy) enables the business of BIYC to be officially conducted. It will be returned to you if any legal owner from the unit is present at the meeting and signs the registry. You may plan to be present and later find that you cannot attend, so each unit should complete a proxy form "just in case" and submit it by May 19th.

Submission of this form enables the named proxy to vote in my absence during any vote of the full membership of Belle Isle Yacht Club at the Annual Meeting.

This proxy may be revoked by me at will (notify the Manager's Office), and is not transferable.

One form should be submitted for each unit owned.

Choose your proxy voter *
If you prefer to name a proxy whose name is not on this list (i.e. "write in"), please write in the name in the field below this one (and choose "I will write in a proxy name below" as your selection here.) If you choose a name from the list here, and also enter a name in the field below, your selection here will take precedence and the write-in name will be ignored.
If you do not wish to give your proxy to the BOS Adjutant, write in the name of the person you wish to vote on behalf of your unit (in your absence). If you selected "I will write in ..." above and do not write in a name below, your proxy will default to the BOS Adjutant.