Boat In-Out Registration Form (one for each boat)

When a marina patron’s registered boat is not on the property, a second boat with government boat registration showing the same owner may be stored in the patron’s paid space if the second boat is registered with the marina office. If this form is not submitted prior to the boat being on the property, it is possible the boat will be impounded and removed to the spoils area since we will not know whom to contact.

Submitting this form prevents marina staff from confronting a boater unnecessarily when a boat is not recognized to be one permitted to be on the property.

Those boaters without wet or dry storage space (short-term renters, adult children of members or patrons, friends of members or patrons, other boaters) should not submit this form. These boaters should purchase a courtesy pass (daily, weekly, monthly or annual) providing legitimate marina access.

Boat in-out registration specifically DOES NOT ENTITLE occupying courtesy slips overnight beyond the access provided with the applicable storage space (dry storage).

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