Boat In-Out Registration Form (one for each boat)

When a member’s registered boat is not on the property in their paid space, a member, or the child or sibling of a deeded BIYC member, may store a boat/trailer in that member’s paid space temporarily. This applies only to dry storage space and wet slips or lifts; it specifically does not apply to designated timeshare wet slips. If this form is not submitted prior to the boat being on the property, it is possible the boat will be impounded and removed to the spoils area since we will not know whom to contact.

Submitting this form prevents your child or sibling from being approached when we identify a boat on the property that is not registered as belonging in the marina.

This form should not be completed for friends or other relatives, nor for renters long or short-term. These individuals should purchase a courtesy day or weekly pass (contact the marina office).

Boat in-out registration specifically DOES NOT ENTITLE occupying courtesy slips overnight.

Membership Status *
If you are a non-member, enter the unit # for the member who has agreed to sponsor you at the marina.
On Property Date *
On Property Date
Your charges are never pro-rated for any portion of the month. All marina charges for wet or dry space begin on the first of the month the boat is first brought to the property even if that date is in the last week of the month. Lift annual contracts begin the first charge month, regardless of the date the boat is brought to Belle Isle.
Have you previously been a Belle Isle Marina customer renting a dry storage or wet slip/lift? *