Boat / Trailer Registration Form

(one form for each vessel on trailer, or empty trailer)

If you are adding a vessel and removing a different vessel from Belle Isle Marina registration, please also complete the “Boat / Trailer Removal Form.” (ACTIVATE LINK click on it to get to it). Any boat brought to Belle Isle Marina, even if it will not be in a wet or dry storage space, must be registered prior to being brought to the property.

You must read the complete Belle Isle Marina “Lease Agreement - Terms and Conditions of Use” (click the link below) and sign the first page to indicate your willingness to follow these terms. Scan and make a pdf of the signed first page only and email to Keep a copy of the full lease agreement/conditions of use for your future reference.

You must also read the “Rules and Regulations” before a lease agreement will be initiated. Links are provided below.

Terms and Conditions of Use [ACTIVATE LINK]
Rules and Regulations [ACTIVATE LINK]

Completing this form below online gives marina staff the opportunity to save you time when you arrive with your boat. You may change your space selection at any time after completing this form.


No need to complete if it is obvious whose account the check should be applied to. Example: you go by Mike Jones but your checks/credit cards have "John M Jones".
Membership Status *
If you are a non-member, enter "NA".
If you are not a deeded member, please provide your billing address (same as credit card or bank account).
You will have the opportunity to select the specific space you would like from those available. Marina basin wet slips and lifts are numbered; marina parking lot spaces are numbered; maintenance and spoils lots are not numbered. Arrange with the marina office to meet with you during office hours to select your specific space and complete the registration of your boat.
Have you previously been a Belle Isle Marina customer renting a dry storage or wet slip/lift? *
NOTE: Your marina, regime and yacht club accounts must all be within 30 days current in order to lease a space (dry or wet).
On Property Date *
On Property Date
Your charges are never pro-rated for any portion of the month. All marina charges for wet or dry space begin on the first of the month the boat is first brought to the property even if that date is in the last week of the month. Lift annual contracts begin the first charge month, regardless of the date the boat is brought to Belle Isle.
Timeshare Wet Slip Program (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET)
Belle Isle's Timeshare Wet Slip Program is available only to Belle Isle boaters paying for dry storage space. Participating boaters are able to make a reservation for one of several designated wet slips set aside for timeshare boaters., enabling them to leave their boat overnight for 6 consecutive nights, for up to 10 nights within a calendar month. Timeshare slips are not for use by daily or weekly courtesy passes, Belle Isle wet slip or lift boats, grill patrons or transient boats.
Insurance Policy Expiration *
Insurance Policy Expiration