Belle Isle Marina Access Privileges

Members and Non-Members
Any boater with a marina, regime, or yacht club account which is past 30 days current has forfeited the right to utililze any marina facilities, including the boat ramp and marina basin, until all accounts are brought current. Boaters with any Belle Isle account that is past 30 days current will not be leased a space until all accounts are brought current.

Boats brought to Belle Isle Marina, belonging to members and non-members alike, must be registered at the Marina Office, including:

  • Boats brought just for a day or two or longer, even if boat ramp is not used;

  • Boats belonging to member’s adult family members visiting, and member’s friends visiting;

  • All boats owned by Belle Isle members that are likely to be brought to Belle Isle from time to time;

  • Boats stored at Belle Isle using wet or dry storage space.

This requirement to register all boats enables marina staff to avoid confronting a boater unnecessarily when the boat is not recognized as one that is permitted to be here. Boat and boater information is added to Belle Isle Marina database for easy searching by marina staff. The Marina Access Chart (ACTIVATE LINK) clarifies (for most situations) who is permitted to use certain marina facilities. Any questions concerning access rights may be addressed to marina staff at or 843-546-1843.