Marina Courtesy Pass Request

Courtesy Pass: A paid pass giving temporary legitimate access to marina facilities only, for access via the boat ramp. Use the form below on this page.

Transient Rate: Paid temporary access to wet slips via the bay entrance. Use Transient Rate Reservation form (ACTIVATE LINK).

Those non-member boaters not leasing a wet or dry storage space may access the boat ramp and marina basin and other marina facilities with purchase of a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual courtesy pass. This pass specifically excludes any access to swimming pools, Yacht Club building, Rice Canal Club building, and Pawley’s Beach House building and parking, including the grounds beyond the marina parking lot. Marina courtesy passes require compliance with the marina terms and conditions of use, rules and regulations. Any failure to follow these policies and rules results in revocation of the courtesy pass for the duration without any refund of pass cost.

A courtesy pass is required for each day or portion of day on the property. If a boat/trailer is on the property Friday night, Saturday, and leaves Sunday after 9:00 a.m., a three-day pass is required. A guest vehicle pass is required for a vehicle pulling the boat / trailer as well and can be requested online (no charge).

Payment may be made by a major credit card only, at the time the courtesy pass is picked up at the marina office during normal working hours, Monday through Friday. If your arrival at Belle Isle is not expected during normal marina hours, please email for instructions.

Daily Pass: $25 (one day)
Weekly Pass: $100 (seven days)
Monthly Pass: $300 (4 weeks)
Annual Pass: $1,000 (12 months)

If your visit to Belle Isle is not as a renter, family member, or friend of a deeded member, please enter "NA".
First Date on Property *
First Date on Property
Last Date on Property *
Last Date on Property
Departure Time of Day *
Departure before 9:00 a.m. on your departure date will not require a pass for that day.