Jimmy James

Unit #203 in the 1168 Building
Jimmy James is an exile from Silicon Valley, having worked with Apple, Google, and Intel. He works from home wherever he is, and plans to split his time between Georgetown and his home in Connecticut. He is ready for some laid-back time to develop his next project. Jimmy is single and looking forward to fishing from his new boat and learning to cook fish. He comes from a large family of eight siblings and hopes everyone doesn't arrive for a visit at one time.

John and Jane Doe

Unit #41, Mayrant Bluff
The Does are full-time residents from Atlanta, Georgia. 

John is a retired geotechnical engineer providing part-time consulting for a major environmental engineering firm. He spends time as a master bridge player and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. He is a history buff, with special focus on the American Revolution and the Civil War.

Jane is a retired media specialist, with 35 years in the public school system. She and John raised three children and have seven grandchildren to visit them in Georgetown.