Regime IV Legal Governance

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Regime IV

These Regime By-Laws are legal and binding and provide the basis for legal governance in conducting the business of the regime.

Regime IV
Master Deed
with 2013 Amendment

Our regime is a legally-designated "horizontal property regime" as established under South Carolina's "Horizontal Property Act". It was created through a Master Deed unique to our regime. While we have seen some use of "HOA" (from Homeowners Association) in insurance policy billing for ours and other BIYC regimes, the appropriate acronym would be "COA" from the term "Condominium Owners Association". A condominium owners association is more complex than an HOA in that it establishes protective covenants and common areas, and levies assessments as provided for in the master deed. Changes to a Master Deed require legal procedure to file an amendment at the Georgetown County Government Office.

Regime IV
Rules & Regulations

These Regime IV Rules & Regulations provide clarity for self-governance and for responding when someone steps outside the board-approved rules. These rules & regulations are meant to dove-tail with BIYC Rules & Regulations. If the BIYC BOS makes a change in the BIYC Rules & Regulations that is in conflict with Regime IV Rules & Regulations, the BIYC Rules & Regulations prevail.