The Marina Redevelopment Committee (BIMRC) is in the early stages of developing a sustainable business model for Belle Isle Marina -- one that not only restores access to the bay from our own boat ramp around the tidal cycle , but also brings revenue to sustain operations without further financial burden on our owners. To develop a business model, one area we need to understand clearly is what the owners require in dry storage, wet slips, and wet slips with lifts. This short survey of your current intentions (without any commitment) will give us a factual basis with which to work.

Marina Use *
Dry Storage
Please indicate your CURRENT INTENTION to use dry storage at Belle Isle Marina once access to the water through our boat ramp and marina basin is restored (as early as winter 2018-2019). Check all that apply:
Phased Redevelopment
BIMRC is currently working on a phased redevelopment plan that would dredge in three phases to resolve the dredge spoils removal obstacle encountered in earlier engineering and cost estimating. While there are many considerations to develop a successful phasing plan, we need to consider owners' needs in each phase. Please indicate all that fulfill your needs:
Wet Slips and Lifts
BIMRC is considering adding additional lifts at varying capacities to serve more Belle Isle Residents and the public interested in leasing wet slips. Regarding your CURRENT INTENTION to lease, please check all that apply.
Dock Assistance and Security
Please select one that best represents your needs and expectations. This will provide a basis for staffing and business model planning. Dock assistance = collection of boat ramp fees, assistance putting boat in water and on trailer (without tipping), ship's store and ice sales, at a minimum. Security = after dusk presence at the docks marina parking, and periodic checks at both pools (possibly funded by BIYC rather than the marina, or possibly shared funding). Choose one: