Tickets for Touring!


Only a few weeks are left until the Plantation Tour begins (Friday/Saturday, March 23rd/24th). Tickets go on sale January 29th through March 9th, and must be ordered through the mail. Tour sites are listed on the tour sponsor's website (link to it here). Belle Isle is on the tour on Friday (23rd), along with other plantations south of Georgetown and some historic homes in downtown Georgetown. On Saturday (24th) plantations north of Georgetown along with some historic homes in downtown Georgetown are on the itinerary.

Prepaid tickets are strongly encouraged, since the event is occasionally sold out before the date of the tour. You might get lucky and get tickets by standing in line at the Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church Parish Hall on the tour days.
Link to the Ticket Order Form

On Friday the 23rd, visitors on the tour are welcome to:

  • Visit Battery White, the Tea Garden, and the Mini-Museum at the Yacht Club;
  • Use restroom facilities at the Yacht Club;
  • Relax upstairs at the Yacht Club to eat lunch they bring and enjoy our view;
  • Enjoy complimentary desserts prepared by Belle Isle residents;
  • Purchase coffee, tea, bottled water and soft drinks with proceeds going to the Diocesan Women of Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church, which hosts the Plantation Tour each year as a fundraiser for missions and building preservation;
  • Visit Milligan's at the Belle Isle Grill for lunch or drinks.

As it gets closer to the tour date, Fred and Aysel Dyer will be accepting offers from residents to prepare and donate cookies, brownies, or other finger desserts. If you can provide cookies but cannot be here that weekend, freeze them and get them to the Dyers for use on tour day. To donate desserts, email Aysel and Fred at