A Bond Lost and Found

Raising her own family and working, Stephanie collected information periodically from adoptive family on both sides and pored over phone books looking for listings for people with her family names. In 2012, Stephanie got serious and began to work on her search a little each day, continuing to discover potential leads to her parents but never making confirmed connections. Then she made contact with an online organization and got a "search angel" who put her experience to work on what she described as her toughest case yet. Soon Stephanie was finding both of her biological parents confirmed, and alive, through DNA testing.

In early October, Stephanie traveled to meet her birth father in Florida, and some of her siblings as well, getting a warm reception. Stephanie described this meeting as "magical" and is looking forward to their visit at Thanksgiving, here at Belle Isle. Stephanie's father then found her birth mother, but had not spoken to her in many years. Through email he gave her the good news that their daughter had found him and asked if he could give Stephanie her contact information. Phone calls were exchanged, and the visit here in Georgetown was planned. While here, Stephanie's birth parents were on the phone together for the first time since her birth and "used up every wireless and cell phone battery in the house!" To see the look of wonder and joy on Stephanie's face, when she told friends of these two hours when her birth parents reconnected, was special indeed.

When you go to the link below to view the video of the first reunion moment at the Charleston airport, listen closely to the exclamations of joy from both sides. Evey (from Evelyn) said, "This is God's reward for choosing life for her," and Stephanie just kept saying "I love you so much!" 


The local Charleston CBS affiliate news anchor, Lisa Weismann, did a story on Thursday (World Adoption Day) during midday newscasts leading up to an extended feature that aired Thursday evening on the 11:00 p.m. Live5 newscast. Click to read the written story focused on Stephanie's quest and see video of the actual first meeting at the Charleston airport (just wait a few seconds for the ad to run). Have a tissue handy!!

Image used courtesy of WCSC Live5New.com, published  November 8th/9th, 2017.