What's Exciting about a Mud Hen?

Image courtesy of Ohio Department of Natural Resources; Mud Hen definition from Toledo Mud Hens Minor League Baseball.

Not much, usually. We see them around swamps or marshes. They have short wings and long legs, and can also be called marsh hens, rails, or coots. But there is a Mud Hen recently arrived at Hazzard Marine in Georgetown that you may be interested in. It’s OUR “Mud Hen”, also known as “the dredge”.

The Board of Stewards, the Marina Redevelopment Committee and, in particular, the Commodore, have succeeded in locating, purchasing, shipping, and gleefully unloading the Mud Hen (yes, that’s her name). She arrived at Hazzard Marine Monday morning when these pictures below were taken. Once she is ready to be put in the water to make her way to Belle Isle, you will see her ready to get to work as soon as the necessary permits are granted, dredge pipe is assembled, and a capable operator is engaged.