Commodore's Update

I want to update all our members with some exciting Belle Isle achievements recently. First, with a portion of the dredge fund reserves, we have purchased dredge equipment that will be shipped hopefully this week if all the special permits for each state it will move through can be obtained in time to do that. It will be unloaded by special equipment at Hazzard Marine in Georgetown. This positions our community to divest itself of a significant monetary commitment to pay others to dredge our marina. We will be able to self-perform this task with contracted labor, and possibly we will recoup some funds by leasing the equipment when we are not using it.

Second, we have confirmation from the “guru of dredging on the East Coast” consultant Ph.D., and his engineers, that we are in great shape to place on site the estimated spoils from a first phase dredge of the boat ramp to the bay and potentially all of C-dock. This dredge footprint is not yet firm, as we are confirming costs from multiple sub-contractors which will determine the final number of slips that will be available in spring of 2019. We do not yet have confirmation of whether our permits were extended due to recent hurricanes, or whether we will have a renewal process, but the “guru” has given us reason to be optimistic.

Third, and not the least of these Board of Stewards accomplishments, we have executed a one-year contract with Bill Duncan to serve in the Manager position. Bill has provided exceptional service, cost-savings and response during the interim management period and is continuing to seek to make improvements in the management of Belle Isle facilities, staff, and vendors.

We have some changes on the Board of Stewards. Charles Young and Drew Smith resigned as BOS representatives from Regime III, while they continue to serve as officers in the regime. Both have served well all Belle Isle members and we thank them and their families for their sacrifices, experience, wisdom shared, and for many years of service. Regime III sends to the BOS new representatives Ed Foster and Bob Yoder, both bringing significant experience that will be invaluable as we move forward. With the Vice Commodore (Charles) and the Adjutant (Drew) resigning, officers replacing them are Jeff McKay from Regime II as Vice Commodore and Aggie Edwards has agreed to serve as Adjutant.

From my perspective, there are many steps overcoming obstacles behind Belle Isle and many before us yet. I have seen this board is committed to working hard for their regime constituents as well as for Belle Isle Yacht Club as a community. I am excited to see what else we can do together with our membership to preserve the quality of life and value of our homes.