Some Newsworthy Notes

Plantation Tour Hospitality
The Plantation Tour visits Belle Isle on Friday, March 23rd. If you can provide some cookies or finger deserts (no utensils needed), please contact Fred & Aysel Dyer. It is estimated that we need a minimum of approximately 800 individual items -- that's over 66 dozen! If you will not be in town that week, consider making cookies and freezing them to be used on tour day.

Belle Isle Lake Needs More and Healthier Game Fish
Our outside-the-gate neighbors are starting an initiative to fund feeding the fish in Belle Isle Lake, and to restock with some species that reproduce in shorter cycles and serve as food for wide-mouth bass. This relatively expensive re-stocking initiative is being funded through money and game fish food donated by the entire Belle Isle neighborhood.

  1. Gifts by check should be made out to the outside-the-gate neighborhood association ("Belle Isle Homeowners Association") and you should reference "fish stock initiative". Send those checks to "Brock Hemmingsen, 245 Egret Circle, Georgetown SC 29440".
  2. Consider purchasing a bag of game fish feed from Tractor Supply (or other source) and regularly feed and attract the fish to your shore line. This is a great activity for children and a wonderful teaching moment!

Click here for a full explanation of the need and solutions addressed by experts on the health of lake game fish in our back yard.