Gunny Honored With a Quilt of Valor

Gunny hasn't forgotten the training he received and self-discipline he developed as a proud Marine. We thank you for your many years of service and sacrifice, Gunny!

At Belle Isle and other places he is known as "Gunny" and everyone calls him that except for Fran Muldoon, who calls him Dexter (his Christian name). Fran's friendship and love are a bright light for Dexter Floyd, a true southern gentleman and a long-term resident of Belle Isle. You will see his bright smile these days as he walks his King Charles Cavalier Spaniel "Lu" and takes her for rides in his golf cart.

But before he came to us, Gunny served this country for many years as a Gunnery Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps. Standing in front of a brigade or platoon, his job was to lead fellow marines in combat. Some were just boys, soon to be men with Gunny's leadership, encouragement, and teaching to always remember the marine "standing next to you ... because he is your brother, Marine!"

Three tours in Viet Nam demonstrated that this quiet man we know successfully taught others wearing the Marine Corps green how to survive in combat. He gave them skills, tough love, and showed them how to get the job done.

On Thursday, April 26, 2018, Gunny was honored with a commemorative Quilt of Valor made especially for him, bestowed by the Georgetown Knights of Columbus. The Quilt of Valor Foundation grew from one woman's dream and subsequent conviction that she and her quilting friends in Delaware could symbolically hug a combat veteran anywhere with a quality-made quilt reflecting the flag colors, to say "Thank you for your service, sacrifice, and valor." Her own son was deployed in Iraq and in 2003 she dreamed about a veteran showing despair in one moment and in the next moment she saw this same veteran covered in a quilt, exhibiting a demeanor of hope and well-being. From that dream a foundation was established to envelope veterans with comfort and honor. Almost 186,000 quilts have been awarded according to the foundation website.

Gunny's cloak of honor was made by the Quilts of Valor Foundation, Myrtle Beach Shorebirds. On the blue side it carries a label commemorating Dexter Floyd, the quilters, the foundation, and a Purple Heart Recipient label.

Click here to learn how you can support Quilts of Valor Foundation with a tax deductible donation, request a Quilt of Valor for a veteran, or donate a quilt.