Battery White Work Day September 2nd






The Battery White Historical Association was incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) to have the means and legal entitlement to qualify for historical preservation grants and fundraising to improve Battery White and the surrounding historical Belle Isle Gardens.  To date money has been raised and used to improve Battery White and build the mini-museum in the Belle Isle Yacht Club. (see information on Yacht Club mini-museum on BI website).

Past BWHA projects include:

  • Memorial identification plaques for the Memorial Benches at the Tea Garden (redo)
  • Mini-museum (as mentioned above)
  • Two Boy Scout Eagle Badge projects(Split rail project, 2016; and Memorial Trail, 2017)
  • Publication of the book, Battery White and The Georgetown Defenses, 1860-1865, (see website for information on ordering the book)
  • Purchase of the new National Registry plaque and documentation (original was misplaced by BIYC)
  • Display case for the Belle Isle historic bottle collection (which was returned from the Georgetown County History Museum at the request of BWHA)
  • Purchase of storage boxes for non-displayed BIYC artifacts
  • Additional decorative and accent split rail fencing to enhance and protect the Battery White property
  • Grounds Maintenance battery powered equipment (as requested by the South Carolina Battlefield Preservation Trust) to protect the mounds from deterioration due to heavy equipment on mounds
  • More than 20 presentations to community groups (statewide) on the history of Battery White and Belle Isle Gardens  

Projected BWHA projects (DONATIONS NEEDED) include:

  • Installation of the National Park Service-type tri-fold pedestal information stand in front of Battery
  • Refurbishing of the two 10” Columbiad cannons currently in Battery White (DONATIONS needed)
  • After cannon refurbish, create an “original” looking gun carriage to mask the cement support in place on the “2065” serial numbered cannon.  Use similar materials to create original looking walls and deck for the gun emplacement (DONATIONS NEEDED)
  • Submit National Registry applications for Harvest Moon site; and, submit the right flank and rear battery sites for inclusion in the existing registration or an entirely new submission if required
  • Create additional signage that identifies the locations of barracks, cavalry stables, right flank and rear South Island Road battery
  • Improve the Battery White map by adding the additional information on traverses, gun emplacements, etc. beyond what is reflected in the noted 1961 map,
  • Reseed and maintain the grounds in and around Battery White to encourage a natural cover to preserve the mounds
  • Continue to offer BSA and community project opportunities to preserve and protect the Battery and surrounds
  • Working with the SC Battlefield Preservation Trust, identify potential archaeological or similar projects for educational benefit of the residents and public
  • Identify personalities and troops stationed at Battery White based on letters, pictures, and beneficiary records at the SC Historical and Archives and develop display for Plantation Tours and museum

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