Historical Recognition and Gifts

Randy Beaver made two presentations at the September Board of Stewards Meeting. The first is a beautiful plaque donated by Randy and Kate Beaver, with an official certificate from the National Register of Historic Places recognizing that Battery White had been so designated in 1977. The original certificate has been misplaced. The replacement will find a prominent place in the mini-museum.

The second presentation was a beautiful, Plexiglas-boxed, mounted model of a typical Confederate blockade runner operating out of Georgetown during the Civil War when Union ships cut off vital commerce along the South Carolina coast. This ship model was a donation from Ed and Mimi Beaver (unrelated to Randy and Kate) given to the Yacht Club. Ed and Mimi had purchased the unassembled model during the 2016 auction held as a fund-raiser for newly-incorporated Battery White Historical Association, with the promise that Randy would assemble the model. Ed followed through on his plan to give the model as a gift to his brother and was moved to ask Randy to help him with another model as a gift from him and Mimi to Belle Isle Yacht Club. Thanks to both Beaver families for their interest and generosity.