IMPORTANT Belle Isle Information

As part of the preparation for the marina dredge, a brush company was hired to knock down the phragmites at the spoils area so that a survey can be performed to determine the spoils capacity.

Unfortunately, a large piece of the company’s equipment became stuck and was sinking.  During the company’s efforts to extract the equipment the company made a decision, without consulting BI or the owner, to cut the dam and dig a trench to help remove the expensive equipment .

On this past Monday morning, having been made aware of the situation, JC and Bill Duncan assessed the area and damage, as did agents of the owner.  The damage allowed run off into the wetlands area of the owner and possibly on Dover Plantation property.  

Through the swift action of the owner, a biologist was retained to access the damage, write a report, prepare a remediation plan and report to the Army Corp of Engineers (COE).

The brush company has admitted responsibility and has been cooperative.  The biologist has spoken with the COE and is providing a written assessment, pictures and a remediation plan for the COE.  It is anticipated that the COE will be performing a site visit early this week and will provide authorization for remediation to begin.

The spoils area does not belong to BI, we have only the right to use it for a spoils area and access is limited. Residents do not have a right to be on the property and any attempt to inter may only compromise the sight and delay remediation.  We have had one incidence where a resident has been on the site without authorization and the owner is aware.  I stress that unauthorized entry and action of any kind is trespassing and may be viewed as destruction of property.

Agents for Belle Isle, including JC and myself have been in constant communication with the owner and his agents and have acted in full cooperation with the owner to help resolve the situation in everyone’s best interest.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Carol Mason McMeekin