Rules & Regulations


PDF of All Rules & Regulations - 2016

Rules do more to enhance property value and promote community harmony than any other factor. Rules and regulations are made to ensure a high quality of life for residents and to preserve property values.

Our governing documents impose the obligation and duty to preserve and protect the harmony, architectural integrity and assets of the community. One way to meet this obligation is by adopting rules and seeing that members comply with them.


 When we buy a home in a common interest community, we agree to abide by rules and restrictions. We live close to our neighbors, we share common facilities, and we voluntarily sacrifice certain freedoms to protect property values.


  • Each member shall be provided with a membership I.D. at the Administrative Office.
  • Residents and Members of Belle Isle Yacht Club will place the proper window decal at the lower left-hand portion of their vehicle windshield.
  • All guest vehicles must display a current Visitor Pass
  • A guest is someone visiting in your home. There is no charge for their use of the amenities.

 All guests must be accompanied by a Belle Isle Yacht Club member or have a guest card. The member shall be personally responsible for the conduct of their guest. Family members are welcome to use Belle Isle's amenities on a reasonable basis without charge.

 The Board of Stewards reserves the right to limit the member's use of Belle Isle's amenities if it’s excessive or otherwise abusive of Belle Isle's hospitality.  Members who are delinquent over 90 days in their fines or assessments, will be suspended of their privileges of membership until debt is paid. 


 All renters are subject to the rules and regulations specified in this document. Renters have the same member rights and responsibilities.

 Long-term renters must sign up at the Administrative Office within 48 hours of moving in and pick up their entry stickers.


  • Maximum speed limit within the complex is 15 mph.
  • Motorcycles, motorbikes, minibikes, motor scooters and go-carts are not allowed at any time. (Medically necessary scooters or motorized wheelchairs are allowed.)
  • Trailers and boats have designated location parking and can only be parked in these areas. Contact the marina or office for help with available parking.
  • No commercial vehicle, with or without signs, including but not limited to tractor-trailer, truck or bus shall be maintained or parked on the property except when necessary on a temporary basis to load or unload personal household items of an owner or tenant or when used by workmen authorized to be on the property for a specific, time limited. Pickup trucks for personal use are exempted.
  • All types of vehicles must be properly licensed, insured and operated by a qualified licensed driver.
  • Golf carts and all terrain vehicles are permitted, but restricted to the roadways and parking areas during daylight hours only and at night with working lights. Golf cart and ATV's must be registered and display a Yacht Club sticker with serial number which will be issued by the Administrative Office after proof of insurance. Proof of insurance will be required annually or the owner will be asked to remve the cart from Belle Isle property. Each cart must have the owner's unit number displayed on both sides using 3" high block numbers. Operators shall be a minimum of 14 years of age and act in a responsible manner.
  • Bicycles are allowed on roads only during daylight hours.
  • Any boats used on the lakes may not have gasoline-powered motors.
  • No parking on grassy areas.


  • Any changes to common grounds need approval of the Regime Board and the BIYC Board of Stewards.
  • No trees, dead or alive, may be cut by anyone without approval of the Grounds Committee.


  • Do not feed or interact with the alligators.
  • Do not feed any wild animals.
  • Fishing in the lakes is permitted on a catch and release basis, subject to temporary suspension for over-fishing or when weed control programs are underway. Anyone fishing in the lakes must be a member or accompanied be a member.
  • All pets must be kept on a leash and owners must clean up after them.
  • There is a maximum of two four-legged pets per unit.
  • Owners are responsible for controlling excessive barking that creates a nuisance to other members.


  • Firearms of any kind are not allowed to be discharged within the complex.
  • Fireworks are not allowed!
  • Loud noises, offensive or noxious any conduct which would unreasonably disturb or create a nuisance to others shall not be allowed.
  • Any damage to the common property will be repaired and billed to the homeowner or renter responsible.
  • Personal property, including but not limited to bicycles and toys, is not to be left around the villas, on the walk or on the roof of the unit, but is to be stored within the patio storage area. 


Smoking is prohibited in all Yacht Club buildings, including screened in porches and surrounding grounds. Smoking is only allowed outside an amenity on paved areas. 


Members of the Belle Isle Yacht Club in good standing may book the use of the Yacht Club amenities for private parties at no charge. 

Reservations should be made in advance with sufficient time prior to the event to allow for approval.  

A security deposit of $250 will be required at the time of booking of the Yacht Club, held and returned after inspection.  

Yacht Club functions take precedence in the event of conflict. Should two members wish to book a facility for the same date, preference would go to the earlier request. The amenities are not available for private parties on national holidays or holiday weekends. 

The amenities, including the kitchen, are to be cleaned and left in the condition in which they were found. If more than one day is required to meet this expectation, it should be noted in the initial request. 

  • The following attendance guidelines will be used in considering approval of private parties: Beach House - 75
  • Yacht Club -150 *Based on configuration of building/not to exceed Fire Departments requirements. 


Department of Health and Environmental Rules:

  • Swim at your own risk - THERE IS NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY
  • No solo swimming
  • No running, diving, boisterous or rough play
  • No person under the influence of drugs or alcohol is allowed in pool
  • Absolutely NO GLASS OR SHARP OBJECTS are permitted in the pool or pool area
  • No spitting or blowing nose in the pool
  • Persons with diarrhea illness or nausea should not enter the pool
  • Persons with eye, skin, ear or respiratory infections should not enter the pool
  • Persons with open lesions or wounds should no enter the pool
  • No pets or animals in pool on pool deck
  • No children should be in the pool without adult supervision
  • Take a shower before entering the pool
  • First Aid kit, emergency phone and life saving equipment are on premises; see rules board posted at pool or "HOA pool rules" below for location
  • Maximum number of swimmers at one time; rules board is posted at pool or note "HOA pool rules". 

Belle Isle Yacht Club Pool Rules

  • Large pool hours- 7A.M to 9 P.M., maximum swimmers at one time 25
  • Small pool hours- 7 A.M to 9 P.M., maximum swimmers at one time 10
  • Only Belle Isle Yacht Club members, their immediate family and their guests are allowed in pool.
  • Members may have up to 4 guests, 6 times per operating season.
  • You must have proof of ownership or guest status, (ex; vehicle sticker, or special pool only identification)
  • First aid kit and emergency phone for large pool is located to the left of the Yacht Club side doors.
  • First Aid kit for small pool is to the right of pool service equipment doors, emergency phone located by the bathroom
  • All swimmers must wear proper swimming attire.
  • No children under 13 years of age are allowed in the pool without adult.
  • Non-toilet trained children must wear a swim diaper or adequate protective garments. No diapers are allowed.
  • No smoking in pool areas
  • No large rafts or large toys
  • All personal injuries and accidents must be reported to the office and will be recorded.
  • To help maintain the safety and peaceful enjoyment for everyone, please report pool violations (date, time etc.) to the office.
  • The Board of Stewards reserves the right to impose fines and/or suspensions of pool privileges for those violating these rules. 


  • Only members and registered guests are permitted on tennis courts.
  • Court hours are 8 am to 10 pm.
  • Reservations should be made no more than 4 hours in advance on the sign up book located in the administrative office.
  • Singles may reserve 1 -1/2 hours per session.
  • Doubles play may reserve 2 hours per session.
  • Proper tennis apparel and sneakers must be worn on the courts.
  • Shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Courts are to be used for tennis only.
  • Use of bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, etc. is not permitted on the courts.
  • Animals are not permitted within the fence court area. 


The Pawleys Island Beach House property is for use BIYC members in good standing, their direct family members, and guests of members.  

These rules are written with safety and security being a paramount concern. This amenity has extremely high use during the summer months and access rules are strictly enforced so that all members have the opportunity to enjoy our beachfront facility. 

  • Beach House hours are 7 am to 10 pm.
  • Vehicles entering the gate must display a current Belle Isle Yacht Club windshield sticker or guest pass. Vehicles lacking this necessary identification will be considered trespassing and the vehicle and its passengers become a security issue. Enforcement options include involving Pawleys Island Police, card deactivation, and towing.
  • Members are liable for their guests, their short-term renters, family members who allow unauthorized vehicle into the parking lot. Enforcement options include card deactivation in addition to possible actions outlined under Enforcement of Rules found at the end of this document.
  • When more than eight guests are present the gathering will be considered a party. Such events must be registered with management and a Beach House Reservation must be completed and approved. Direct family members are exempt from this eight-guest rule.
  • The facility is not available for private parties on national holidays nor are they available during the day on weekends (only after 6:00pm) from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  • Yacht Club functions take precedence in the event of a conflict.
  • All members still have access to the beach bathroom showers during private parties.
  • Members, guests and renters should do their share to keep the Beach House clean, neat, and orderly.
  • Upon arrival if there are empty garbage containers outside the gate, we ask that you carry them inside and place them under the house
  • Upon departure, Members are asked to place their trash in the Iarger containers provided downstairs and move them to for next morning pickup.
  • Closing up the beach house doors and windows and locking the beach gate is the responsibility of the last person to leave the parking lot.
  • Taking any Beach House furniture from the facility to the beach is prohibited.
  • Loud music, running, screaming, or any dangerous activities are not permitted in the Beach House.
  • Glass bottles and glass containers are prohibited on the beach.
  • Beach fires and fireworks are prohibited by Pawleys Island Ordinance.
  • Pets are the direct responsibility of members, their guests and their renters. Pets are not allowed in the upper level of the Beach House area including the porch and deck.
  • Leashed pets may be led through the lower area for beach access and kept in the lower area as long as they are under control of the owner.
  • Pets that destroy property, create a nuisance to other members and guests may be banned from the Beach House property upon written complaint to the Board of Stewards and a hearing thereof.
  • During the winter, the Beach House may need to be winterized and the facility will not be available to members.
  • Beach access will be made available year round. 


Any violation of the rules and regulations of the Belle Isle Yacht Club is subject to a fine or penalty as set by the Board of Stewards. Action taken for 1st offense and 2nd offense could be omitted depending on nature of offense. All violations will be reported to the assistant to the manager. The Board of Stewards will be informed of the violation. 

1st offense- The manager will send letter concerning the offense to the homeowner. Although not required, the homeowner will have thirty days to respond in writing/request meeting with the Board of Stewards. 

2nd offense- Fine of $50.  The manager will send letter concerning the offense to the homeowner. Although not required, the homeowner will have thirty days to respond in writing/ request meeting with the Board of Stewards. 

3rd offense- Fine of $100 to $1,000 depending on severity of  the violation.

The manager will send a letter concerning the offense to the homeowner. The homeowner will have thirty days to meet with the Board of Stewards. 

Enforcement of these rules and regulations is the responsibility of the Belle Isle Yacht Club Manager. Members may report any violations of these rules to the office at 843-855-1859 or click Belle Isle Manager to send an email.

 * All rules are subject to change based on circumstances at the discretion of the Board of Stewards.