Non-Member Event Facility Reservation Request Form
(a request, not a confirmed reservation)

Please complete a reservation form for each facility requested, and for each date requested.
Date of Event *
Date of Event
Enter the date of the function. Below, in the field called "Additional information or questions you have ...", enter other dates required for setting up, rehearsal, equipment removal, etc. Dates of access will be at the sole discretion of the BIYC Event Facilities Coordinator.
Enter the time you first need access on the date above.
For the date entered above, indicate the end time for access. All events must conclude by 10:00 pm. Clean-up activities may continue until midnight.
Select the one that best fits your event.
If you are a business or non-profit organization, indicate the name of the organization and activities anticipated at Belle Isle facilities.
Enter maximum number to be invited, rather than a range.
Phone *
For the PERSON FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for facility rental, enter area code and phone (cell phone preferable).
For the PERSON FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for facility rental, please enter a mailing address. If it is a P.O.Box, please also provide a street address.
The Event Facilities Coordinator will contact you in a few days and will try to have answers to your questions at that time.
Provide additional contact name(s), cell phone, email, relationship to person financially responsible for event rental, and event role. If none, type "none".
Date of this request *
Date of this request
The "Reservation Booked" date will be determined by payment confirmation. "Date of this request" will get your request in the queue, awaiting payment and signed "Terms and Condition of Use" document. This request does not constitute a confirmed reservation.
Date payment is confirmed by Event Facility Coordinator.