Board Election Process


Regime Board Member Elections

In March or April, the regime president will advise owners that one or more board member terms will expire in June, and nominations for the board are invited. Any owner nominated (by self or others) must indicate their willingness to serve if elected.

Regime X By-Laws indicate a board member term lasts for three years (from fiscal year to fiscal year). A board member may be elected without limitation to the number of terms.


Following the Regime X By-Laws for election of board officers, votes are counted at the first regular or special meeting following the Regime Annual Meeting.

Once the new Regime Board is constituted it meets to elect board officers, including a representative to the Board of Stewards. Regime X is allocated one representative to the BOS based on the number of units in the regime.

Unexpired regime Board Member Terms

If a board member is removed by the board prior to the end of their term, or if a board member resigns mid-term or is deceased, the board may appoint a new board member to serve the remainder of the unexpired term.

Board of Stewards composition & Officer Elections

The BIYC Board of Stewards (BOS) is assembled from representatives sent by Regimes (i.e., they are elected at the regime board level). The number of representatives from each regime is determined by the number of units / percentage of ownership for all of BIYC. Regime X has only ten units and therefore sends only one representative to the Board of Stewards. A regime's representative(s) need not be a member of the regime's board. At the BOS Annual Meeting in May, or shortly thereafter, or at some time prior to July 1st when the new BOS takes office, the new BOS members meet to elect their officers according to the process outlined in BIYC By-Laws.