Regime IV Board Meeting Minutes

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2017 April Annual Meeting
: Board Member and Officer Elections were conducted. Proposed budget passed. Passed motion to move casualty/hazard insurance, saving 61% on annual premium. Maintenance requested. MINUTES NOT YET APPROVED.


2016 July
: Many rules ignored (or ignorant of) inside the pool fence: dogs, glass bottles, smoking. Glass, aside from safety hazard, will cause SC DHEC to shut down the pool, force water to be drained, glass removed, delay for inspection, and cost of water to refill pool. Long-term maintenance spreadsheet discussed, anticipate need to increase reserves via monthly increase or annual assessment. Lessons learned with pressure wash. Painting 1168 building anticipated 1Q 2017. Convert from land lines to GSM technology for emergency phones for alarms, saving $200+ estimated. Maintenance requested.

2016 May
Summary: Long-term maintenance spreadsheet discussed. Atlantis Group resigned; will self-manage until a decision is made on a new management company. Our buildings each exceed $1 million in replacement value; will require an additional policy for “excess” flood insurance. Modify by-laws to prohibit rental in Regime IV. Maintenance requested.

2016 January