Regime IV Financials

2019 August

2019 July


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2019 June

2019 May

2019 April

2019 March

2019 February

2019 January

Regime IV Approved Budget for FY 2018-2019

Regime IV mirrors the same fiscal year cycle as BIYC: July to June. The budget is approved by the regime board and is a guideline for predicting the funds that could be transferred to reserve funds (from operating funds), which supports major planned maintenance. Unforeseen repairs reduce the funds available to be transferred to reserves, or reduces reserves if used as the source for payment.

Period of non-standard reports below (June 2017 through April 2018)
These reports are not standard reporting from a financial system; volunteer staffing for BIYC prohibited production of regular two-month reports for regimes. This excel spreadsheet reflects bank account activity (operating account and reserve account), deposits and checks cleared. The account balances showing here reflect the bank balances. For similar reports for prior months, please contact Nancy Voiselle.

2018 November

2018 July

2018 Feb/Mar/Apr/May/June (first Reports from system in 2018)

2018 March-April

2018 January-February

2017 November-December

2017 September-October

2017 JUNE